Coming out of the cold. – GodfreyDaily

Mat 24:12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

The human heart of man has grown colder across this land. Colder than all the winters of biting and stinging cold air taken into your lungs over the years. Most people can’t stop thinking about themselves for longer than 2 minutes as their heads are buried in there iPhones or latest gadgetry. As they drink hot chocolate from their favorite coffee cup dressed liked an Eskimo while watching football or playing a favorite game online. No thought of those around them stuck out in the cold air unable to find shelter in a frozen land of ice and snow.  Not a thought of the next door neighbor who couldn’t afford to pay their electric bill, trying to stay warm under the covers allowing the shivers to aid them in keeping them warm through the night.

It is heart breaking when men discard other men and women and families for mistakes made in the past when God never throws people away and always makes a way for them to reconcile themselves to Him. When is the last time you helped your fellow man when no one was looking? When is the last time you reached out to another just because it was the right thing to do and not for men’s applause? When was the last time you called your parents to tell them you loved them? And to thank them for taking care of you all of the years they did? Too many who claim to be Christian are so unlike the creator when it comes to mercy and forgiveness that you can’t tell them from the unbelievers.

Too many are giving up because they were given up on by those around them. The very ones that promised to hold them up in prayer cast them away as garbage in the street. This is heart breaking to God. Where is the love you promised to have for God and your fellow man? Perhaps iniquity’s long arms are wrapped around you choking out your love for the Creator and your neighbor and now you find yourself comfortably numb and blind. If so, the way back is toward the cross. His blood can cleanse your heart and make you free, if you will surrender your life to Him. Don’t get caught up with the many who have grown cold. And whatever you do don’t allow yourself to go asleep in a frozen waste land of a cold heart or you may never wake up again to find the warmth of the Savior’s embrace at the cross.

Reach out to God in this late hour and He will reach out to you in a loving embrace not forgetting His own. He is still there when you are forsaken. He still cares when others walk away. He is the friend that matters most and cares for you even when you are too tired to care for yourself. Jesus is the answer to coming out of the cold harsh temperatures of this world and into a life more abundant with meaning. The things men have placed importance on like trees painted green with dead presidents on them are not valuable, the yellow shinny metal in the ground is valueless when compared to the price of one human soul in this cold dark world. Let the illuminating light of the Creator warm your heart and He will show you what true peace is because He is the Prince of Peace, and you are worth more than all the gold in the world to Him. You are priceless when your heart is warmed by the Master’s glowing light of Heaven, and He loved us while we were yet in sin. Come out from the cold.

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