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I dedicate this article to Robert, may you get well soon.

The human mind is one of the key organs in our bodies, unless you live in Washington D.C. and find yourself running for office, it would seem. The cause for behavior problems and being able to focus for the young and old alike are many. Excessive sugars, corn syrups, and poor diets that lack the organic nutrients we find in raw fruits and vegetables is key. Organic foods is the key to a healthy mind and body, it is environmental toxins sprayed on non organic foods that poisons our bodies little by little and day after day which takes a great toll on us over the long haul.

Also increased dirty vaccinations laced with mercy and other toxins is a major reason why people are weakened and sick today. It has become well known that vaccinations and autism are connected. MSG, GMO crops, exposure to radiation and microwaves can also play apart.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactive disorder it is very likely you or that person are just fine according to the father of ADHD Leon Eisenberg. When he was dying on his death bed this psychiatrist and autism pioneer called ADHD a “fictitious disease,” meaning way to many people are needlessly taking mind altering drugs because doctors do what they do best, sell you drugs that you don’t need because addiction is the goal and money is their narcotic. They want you forever coming to them no different than drug pusher on the street. In short, ADHD was a theory not a disease, or at least it was until they started vaccinating pregnant mothers with Thimersal. Thimerosal is about 50 percent mercury by weight so even low-levels of mercury exposure during pregnancy can create (ADHD) and other kinds of hyperactive behavioral conditions in children.

Again, take away all sugar from the diet of children with ADHD and you will see improvements over time. You can use sweeteners like honey and stevia though. Also create a quite study area for you or others with ADHD, shield yourself from interruptions so that you can stay on track, and allow yourself more time to complete your goals. Kids may need to speak answers to someone instead of writing them down because even something as small as a pen can become a distraction to them.

Change the diet and change the child, also research ways to take heavy metals out of the body safely and effectively that were put there by the vaccinations, like Chelation therapy using EDTA, these are some of the other ways to treat ADHD without drugs.

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