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There is an environmental, or maybe just mental scientist named David Keith, who wants to change the world through Geo-engineering. How you might ask? Get this, by creating a sun filter. He wants to give the sun some shades through sulfate or sulfuric acid aerosols in the upper atmosphere. The scary part is they have been at it for some time and many people have suffered from these sprays as a consequence.

Climate talks go on all the time in the United Nations for reducing green house gases. Another way for the Global Government to tax the nations and the people of the entire earth. They also want to play God by artificially manipulating our planet and forever changing its weather, by putting a human finger on the thermostat of God himself.

They cannot even artificially change our food with out harmful side effects, you know, GMO’s. How do you think this might turn out if its allowed to continue? Someone should tell these people we kinda need the sun and all, for gee, I don’t know, human survival! We need vitamin D to keep us healthy. There are eight common diseases that have been scientifically linked to a chronic lack of vitamin D, aka, sunshine.

I think John Denver said it best. Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy… Now they want to take that away too? Is there no limit to the madness? Here is David Keith’s interview with Spiegel. I’ll give you a few quotes and link the rest for you below.

SPIEGEL: How would you describe the goal of climate engineers?

Keith: Geoengineering is the deliberate attempt to alter the climate on a global scale.

SPIEGEL: That’s quite a bold claim. The New Yorker quotes you saying that you could easily imagine how the tools of climate engineering could spur “a chain of events that would extinguish life on earth.”

SPIEGEL: How exactly would you slow down climate change?

Keith: The idea is to make earth a little bit more reflective by putting say, sulfate or sulfuric acid aerosols in the upper atmosphere. This method is cheap, effective, quickly implantable but rather imperfect.

How arrogant of man to think he can outshine God’s infinite wisdom, and take away our choices by spraying us all in the name of saving the earth. They can’t even save the whales, give me a break. You want to take away my sunlight? You want to spray me to save earth? Then you are insane by definition of the word. We don’t need shade from the sun now. We need people who have learned not to lean on just their own understanding, but in all their ways have acknowledged him.

Some people who actually care about side effects and how that might harm the people on the planet. We the people make earth great or a living hell. The sun has been doing its thing for a long time without the intervention of mankind, and it will continue to do so as long as we don’t mess it up. Sun filter? Please. You want shade from the sun? Move out of the desert. Move out of the big cities where the concrete is cooking your brain like a microwave oven. Just don’t mess with the air we all enjoy breathing each day. Our future will depend on the actions we take today, and the life we live tomorrow.

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