We are not in Mayberry anymore, officer fires on minivan full of kids – GodfreyDaily

It is getting scary folks how out of control the police state is getting. Granted this woman was at fault for not turning the car off and following orders as she should have, and freaking out when she realized she was about to be arrested, but this should not have ended the way it did. The cop lost his temper and lost control as soon as he pulled her over the second time.

Then he wasn’t strong enough to force his will on her and the family, which made him loose it as he beat out the window of the car with his night stick traumatizing those kids within. Mom pulls off again, then another officer fires live rounds into the vehicle, yes real bullets into a minivan full of precious cargo. Wow. Where is a level headed Andy Griffith when you need him? We are not in Mayberry anymore.

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